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World Series Leaderboard As Of 10/26/17
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World Series Upcoming Contests
Please read "How to Play" Contest Rules and World Series Official Rules
NOTE: There is NO CAP on the winnings that are compiled to create Leaderboard totals.
Tri-State June 16th $200 Contest
Iowa Greyhound June 17th $100 Contest
Orange Park June 21st $100 Contest
Iowa Greyhound June 24th $100 Contest
Wheeling Downs June 27th $100 Contest
Orange Park June 28th Prize Contest
Tri-State June 30th $200 Contest
Iowa Greyhound July 1st $100 Contest
Orange Park July 5th $100 Contest
Iowa Greyhound July 8th $100 Contest
Wheeling Downs July 11th $100 Contest
Tri-State June 2nd $200
Iowa Greyhound July 15th $100 Contest
Orange Park July 19th $100 Contest
Iowa Greyhound July 22nd $100 Contest
Wheeling Downs July 25th $100 Contest
Orange Park July 26th Prize Contest
Tri-State July 28th $200
Iowa Greyhound July 29th $100 Contest
schedule subject to change